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Cristian Rivarola – FRECOM SRL
“To tell you the truth, the Exhibition is very good, there are many brands, everything looks neat, and there is a wide variety of products (…) didn´t find anything missing”

Roberto Barrera – TRANSPORTE EL TATA
“We find it very good (…) we were looking at tires, we visited Vigia, for tire calibration, we found it very interesting. There is always the need of being updated and looking at what is coming”

Ariel Puglisi – FLECHA BUS
“Quite complete (…) very nice, very nice trucks, I liked Volskwagen´s booth a lot (…) to tell you the truth quite complete”

“Very nice, very good, the truth is, one sees a lot of things that are not found anywhere else, one can get the address of factories, places where one can buy things for our own trucks, isn´t that right? I come every year (…) up to now I always found what I was looking for”

“I liked it a lot, saw a lot of new products and in my main interest, electricity, found new products of led lighting…many news”

Carlos Armando Lesse – BAIRES NATURAL
“To tell you the truth it´s nice, we like all this, I love it, looking at trucks, everything (…) one walks about and knows the equipment (…) we come to see trucks (…) at the moment we need to renovate our fleet and we are having a look (…) we came to look at trucks, their torque, consumption (…) payment plans, which are being offered now (…) and obviously, today we need to be updated in every subject, specially in the transport business”

Jorge Dirisio – Transportista
“Very nice, very complete, almost everything that should be here, very complete (…) wheels and tires, most interesting, I have a transport unit, and drive for many kilometers, I was having a look at different wheels (…) I own three trucks and the 3 are of different brands so I am looking at the best one, which is the one that offers the most”

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